10 Signs He is Only Interested in Sex.

In today’s society, sex is more than likely to come up immediately when you met someone new. Most men and some woman are obsessed with sex. It’s like they want to test drive before giving any sort of commitment. It can be exciting and sexy and just feel right in the beginning but soon lead to resentment and disappointment if there is a pressure to have sex every time you meet him, which will leave you feeling like a sexual object.

You should defiantly get to know your guy before diving between the sheets. But in case you could not resist the urge yourself, and now want more than just to be a sexual partner, because you feel he either does not care or he is unaware of your needs and not turned into your feelings.

So, here are ten signs to look for; to see if your relationship can get past “JUST SEX”.

  • You spend the majority of your time together having sex.

Think about the time you spend together – If it always ends up with you guys having sex – enough said.

  • Every conversation turns sexual

You: I had a hard day.

Him: I have something hard you can have.

You: My lips are pretty chapped today.

Him: I would suck on your lips for you.

  • Your dates are always at home, or you’ve never been on a real date.

Where does he take you? Do you guys ever go out on dates?

  • He’s always focuses on your looks

You hear “you are so hot” or “damn girl, you are so sexy” – now this could be flattering at first but gets old quick.

If you want to scream back “OK, I’m sexy not let’s move on”, chances are he may not want to get to know you on any deeper level.

  • You don’t know much about him, nor does he care to know much about you.

You friends or family ask you question about your new guy and you can’t tell them a last name or what does he so for a living, serious red flags.

  • He’s handsy.

Can’t keep his hands to himself every time he sees you. Gropes you like a teenager. Major turn off.

  • He only calls when it’s dark, or late. and you always have to leave in the morning; or he leaves you shortly after sex.

Do you spend the night with him, but made to leave before even receiving morning breakfast, because he suddenly has an early appointment he needs to get to?

  • His phone is always blowing up day and night.

His phone is always buzzing and vibrating but he never answers any calls in front of you.

  • You’ve been hooking up for months but never met any of his friends, and he’s not real interested in meeting any of yours.

If he’s not willing to invest any time in you, pretty sure you will meet no one in his life.

  • There is no progress in the relationship and he never speak about a future with you.

Is you see all or most of these signs – go with your gut – and walk away from this man. This will slowly take away how you feel about yourself and quite frankly you deserve better. You deserve a connection and intimacy not just sex.

Attached is a little video if you need more advice

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