About This Site

 Trying to Figure Inner Feelings, and Thoughts is what Started My Journey on Self-Help, Self-Improvement and Self-Health. I Had to Relearn A Lot of Things That I Was Taught and Seen Growing Up. I Have Always Loved Knowledge, History and Reading. I Have Read Loads of Books, Articles and Studies on Self Health. Everyone Think Health Is Just Your Body, Fitness, and Disease; but It’s Also Your Mind, Energy and Spirit. So, I Started This Site as a Place that Would Provide Information, Geared Towards your Self-Health and Self -Improvement.  By no Means am I a Medical Professional; This Site is Based on Information I’ve Came Across, or Tool that I have used to Combate My Own experiences and My Opinions.

MY story

I Was Someone Who Put My Mate First – But I Have Since Learned That Taking Care You Oneself Is the Key to Happiness. Once You Understand That You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness, Then You Become Whole and Can Be There for Others.

I Was Married on Paper for Twelve Years, In Reality We Separated After Five, And Our Union Produced on Child. He Was A Great Provider, But Not A Good Husband.  I Have Since Forgave Him for All of The Violence. We Were Both Young.  I Did Not Know how to Be A Wife, And He Did Not Know How to Be A Husband.

 I’m One of Those People Who is Highly Sensitive (More Curse Than Blessing in My Opinion).

I’m A Self Diagnosed – Alcoholic and Self-Medicate When I’m Extremely Stressed or Depressed.

I Am A Single Female, But That Is Defiantly by Choice. Every Man I Have Dated or Had a Relationship with Has Wanted to Continue A Relationship with Me, But I Have Found A Reason to End Them All.

I Enjoy Being Single with No Pressures but Have A Desire to Share My Life with Someone Who Wants the Same. I Have Been Told by Many Men That I am Afraid of Commitment. (Currently Working Through This Issue). I Think It’s More of The Fear of Emotional Disappointment and Hurt Than A Fear of Commitment, But Like I Said Working Through This Issue.